I made a promise to myself to update my blog each week but I allowed something to distract me and get me off schedule.  I went on vacation and enjoyed myself immensely but when I returned I was out of sorts.  I was off kilter and had to put a lot of effort into regrouping.  I could not believe how a few days of disconnecting removed me so completely from something that I was so excited about just days before.

My away time taught me an important lesson.  If I allowed myself to continue to drift further and further away from my goals I could have ended up stuck and living an unfulfilled life.  Definitely not a place I want to be.  Once I recognized that I was drifting, I took immediate steps to get back on track.  I listened to teleseminars, read excerpts from books, prayed, read, and encouraged myself (yes, I talked to myself! 🙂 ).  The results?  I am back on track!!

What’s Distracting You?

What distractions do you have in your life?  Have you allowed something or someone to distract you and move you away from pursuing your goals?  Reposition yourself and get back on track today.

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