What Tiger Woods Taught Me

Tiger Woods, won his 76th PGA event at Doral on Sunday 10 March, 2013.  I have followed Tiger’s career for a while from a distance (not a golf fan but admire the drive of winners) but will admit that I became even more interested in it since things took a turn for the worse in his personal life in 2009.  

I will tell you that I was rooting for Tiger to make a comeback because I could not believe the negative energy people spewed at him for his poor choices.  We all make mistakes. None of us is immune from making mistakes so why spew hate on someone when they fall.  I don’t want to discuss human behavior right now but just wanted to let you know why I have been rooting for Tiger.

Needless to say, it has not been an easy climb back to the top for Tiger.   Despite all that was going on in his life and career he did not give up.  Tiger was not winning.  It seemed like most were against him yet he continued to get out there and play golf.  He did not allow his losses or the naysayers to get him off track and lose sight of his goal.  Tiger knew that in order to reach his golfing goals he had to keep on playing golf no matter the outcome.  No matter how many losses, no matter how many times the reporters said that he may have lost “it” he continued to get out there and do what he purposed in his heart to do and guess what?  His perseverance is paying off.  Tiger is on his way to being the #1 golfer in the world again.  

Tiger Woods has taught me the importance of not giving up.  


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