Change Your Life Part 1

Ready or not 2014 is here. We’re 2 days in and if you weren’t ready it’s not too late to get ready.  Stick with me and I’ll help you map out a plan for your life that will have you excited about starting each day.

Let’s get started.  This first step is probably going to make you groan but that’s ok.  The things that bring us the most joy often include a time of pain (think childbirth or weight training).

Step 1
Write out 100 goals for your life. Include all the things that you would like to see manifested in your life.  This might include plans for travel, career, relationships, hobbies, purchases you want to make, health, finances, education. Dream big. 

My Pastors challenged me to do this and while it seemed impossible initially once I got started it was really easy and exciting.  Grab some paper and get started.  Check back tomorrow for another life changing tip.

If you accepted the challenge let me know by sharing a comment.

Be inspired!


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