Shiny Object Syndrome

This has been an interesting week.  I have talked to so many people who have “shiny object syndrome”.  You know what I’m talking about. Their intentions are good.  They purchase the latest and greatest products from top gurus in the field and you know what’s next.  Nothing.  That’s right.  They do nothing with the programs that they purchase.  Excuse after excuse, “I’m so busy”, “I had to travel”, “I already know the information in the program”.  I think you know where I’m headed.  I understand these people.  I know how they feel and I know that their reasons for not starting on their investments are valid.  I’m frustrated.  Can you feel my pain? I’m frustrated because I want these people to stop purchasing product after product and face the real issue.  Something deeper is going on and they need to address that before investing in another product.

If this is you and you’ve had enough I have a gift for you.  I’m offering one complimentary coaching session to get you started on the path to discovering why you’re not doing the things you want to do.  Would I like for you to sign up for  more coaching from me? Of course but if you don’t want to that’s ok.  You’ll still leave the call with tools to help you conquer this debilitating syndrome. To sign up for a slot (available 4/7 – 4/12) click


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