A little planning can give your day new meaning

This morning I wanted to lay in bed a little longer. I thought of how extra time in bed would impact the rest of my day, and guess what I did…I jumped right out of bed.

If I did not already have a plan for my day, I would have stayed in bed and missed the opportunity of a productive and fulfilling day. You will enjoy life more if you plan your days. By planning your days you can live that life you have been dreaming about. Schedule an hour on Saturday to learn a second language, visit the museum, take a class. Whatever it is, add it to your life and watch life take on a whole new meaning.

What’s something that you have wanted to do for a long time but you haven’t made time for it? Choose a day and time, add it to your calendar. Let me know you’ve added it to your calendar so that I can celebrate you.


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