I know the secret to ending procrastination!

It’s true, I have figured out how to end procrastination! The secret is to live in the present. That’s it. By focusing on the things that you can do now, at this moment, you can act.

When you start thinking of all the other things that need to be done to complete a task the overwhelm creeps in and you choose to do nothing.

Here’s an example. You want to clean the basement. The thought of it makes you shudder. You look at over 2,000 sq ft filled with bags, boxes, and old furniture and you put it off for another day.

Instead of thinking of all that needs to be done to have a clean basement, think of one action that you can take right now toward your goal of a clean basement. You can choose a corner and start cleaning right away. Once that corner is cleaned you’re done for the day or you can move on to the next corner.

Living in the present removes the overwhelm. It allows you to act because there is always something that you can do right now. Stop living in the future, live in the present. It’s usually better here anyhow 🙂

Let me know if you’re choosing to live in the present.


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