Create and Live the Month You Really Want

A month you want to wake up and live all the time!

Not living life the way you would really like to?

Is it sometimes a struggle for you to wake up each day?

Is the frustration of living a dull, predictable life a reality for you?

Do you know what you want but haven’t figured out how you’re going to do it?

Are days, months, years, slipping by?

Are you having trouble turning your days into ones that you jump out of bed for?

Do you wish your month were filled with you doing the things you really want to do?

Rest assured…

You can learn to create and live months that you really want,

You can learn how to create the month that you really want to be living and have more joy and happiness .  Creating  and living months that you really want to live doesn’t have to be stressful if you do it in a way that is authentic to who you are. And yes, planning can be fun (especially when you start seeing the results that you want, like waking up excited to start the day instead of not wanting to wake up and face the day).  And when you start creating months that you really want you are much more likely to live them too.

Sound unattainable or too much of a dream? It’s not. Read on…

Ok, so what’s not working? What are you doing wrong?

If you’re like most people I’ve met, there is so much that you want to do but you can’t imagine how you are going to get it done. You may be working hard, your days are full, and there’s hardly time to think about what you really want, much less actually do it.

The problem is not taking the time to think about what you want is not going to make your life any richer. Why? Well, think about it…Are the people you know who dream or talk about doing something happy with their lives?  You can spot a dreamer after talking to them for just a few minutes.  They talk about “what they wish they could do but…” or “what they will do one day.”   It’s sad. Unfortunately, that’s what most of us do when we try to create a month we really want. We look like talkers, dreamers. And that doesn’t give us the life we really want.

You can stop being a dreamer and talker. Here’s how…

Creating and living a month that you really want comes from understanding what you want. We usually think of living a full and exciting life as reserved for someone else, someone with more time or more money, instead of “something you have a right to live.”

And when we have the mindset that living a full and exciting life is for someone else, it doesn’t matter what we try to do, we won’t have the life that we want or need.  In Creating and Living the Month you Really Want, what works is knowing what you want. This makes all the difference in whether you create and live the life you really want.

A month that you really want starts with getting clear on what you want, mapping it out, and living it. This is not hard, especially when someone shows you exactly how to do it.

This strategy ends your frustration and disappointment. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to have a month that you look forward to enjoying. It’s worth it, now and later.

Ok, so how can I get help in creating a month that I have always wanted?

Create and Live the Month You Really Want Teleclass will help you create meaningful days, fast.

To registar visit:


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