5 Days 5 Minutes Change Your Life Challenge

Wow, so much has happened since I first started this blog. I hardly celebrate my accomplishments but the past few years have taught me that I need to. I am worthy of crlebration! So, here goes ūüôā

1. I moved my blog over to arichandsatisfyinglife.com (please check it out and grab your free Create A Plan for Your Life download). 

2. I wrote a book called Get It Started Get It Done.  You can find out more about it here: Book info

3. I am a contributor to the Huffington Post (read my post here). 

4. Because I have had so much personal growth I’ve created a 5 days 5 minute Change Your Life Challenge. It’s going to be amazing and you can learn more about it here: Challenge info

Thank you so much for encouraging me on my journey. There’s so much more to come. 


Change Your Life Part 1

Ready or not 2014 is here. We’re 2 days in and if you weren’t ready it’s not too late to get ready.  Stick with me and I’ll help you map out a plan for your life that will have you excited about starting each day.

Let’s get started.  This first step is probably going to make you groan but that’s ok.  The things that bring us the most joy often include a time of pain (think childbirth or weight training).

Step 1
Write out 100 goals for your life. Include all the things that you would like to see manifested in your life.  This might include plans for travel, career, relationships, hobbies, purchases you want to make, health, finances, education. Dream big. 

My Pastors challenged me to do this and while it seemed impossible initially once I got started it was really easy and exciting.  Grab some paper and get started.  Check back tomorrow for another life changing tip.

If you accepted the challenge let me know by sharing a comment.

Be inspired!

Change your Life in 3 Easy Steps

Hi, did you know that there are only 38 days left in 2013?  How are you going to end the year?  Full of anticipation for 2014 or dreading another year of the same ole same ole?  I hope you answered the former. If you answered the latter don’t worry.  There is still time to greet 2014 full of eager anticipation.  Here goes:

3 easy steps you can take TODAY to make 2014 one of your most fulfilling years ever.

1. Write down two things that if you commit to doing would change your life for the better.

For example, if you exercise you would be in better health and have more self-confidence.  Imagine the possibilities that would result from choosing to excercise a few days each week.

What about starting your own business? Starting your own business will give you a sense of purpose.  Having a sense of purpose will give you something to look forward to each day.  You’ll have more joy in your life, be a better parent, friend, spouse.

2.  Which one step do you know you can take (please, no excuses) towards making whatever you wrote in #1 happen?

Please, no excuses, no blaming anyone.  It’s a simple question.  What are you capable of doing but are choosing not to do that could change your life?

3.  Do whatever you wrote in #2.  Don’t overthink it, don’t wait until it’s perfect, don’t tell anyone you’re getting ready to do xyz, just do it.

Believe it or not, this last step is the most exhilarating.  Taking a step towards a better life will free you.  You will be empowered to do more towards having the life you want. 

I’d love to know what you’re looking forward to creating in your life for 2014.  Please share in the comments below.

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Do you know what you want?

One reason that you may be stuck is because you don’t know what you want. ¬†We drift through life doing what we think is expected of us but never pause to consider what we want. ¬†It’s time to get clear on what you really want your life to look like. ¬†Watch Break Free part II and begin creating the life that you want. ¬†http://youtu.be/-e2YzrJXlR4¬†

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Break free to the life you really want


Are you going though the motions of day to day life? Are you finding it harder to engage in your life? This video is for you. It’s time to break free from mediocre living and break free to the life that you want. Don’t wait another moment. Start “living” today! ¬†Click on the link and watch the Break Free video ¬†youtu.be/rjSXBjWpZx0

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Doing This Can Change Your Life

Paulo Coehlo is one of my favourite authors.  This is a post on his blog and I had to share.  Believe me when I say doing this can change your life.  Enjoy!  1 MIN reading: closing cycles.


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