You do not have to wait for inspiration

I had a significant “aha” moment a few days ago.  I realized that I do not have to wait for inspiration. I can be inspired at any time by focusing on the things or activities that inspire me. It sounds so simple and obvious but the significance of it became so real to me at that particular moment. My life has literally changed for the better because of this revelation.
Let me tell you about me.  I wait for inspiration before doing a lot of things.  It’s frustrating because there are times when I want to create, but I am stumped because I rely so much on inspiration before I begin a project.  I would often beg and plead with God to “please let me stay inspired”.  I realize now that I should have asked how I can maintain the inspiration vs begging and pleading.  But that’s a story for another day.
Anyway, back to creating more moments of inspiration.  I can be inspired at any time by doing and thinking of things that inspire me. Whether it’s saying thanks for the goodness in my life,  going for a walk, sitting by the lake or ocean, listening to inspirational messages, reading motivating material, watching a movie, saying confessions or affirmations.  I can, on purpose, engage in activities that inspire me and guess what? Inspiration will come.
I can not tell you how excited I am about this.  Before I go I would be remiss if I did not reiterate that you play a role in this.  If you’re frustrated waiting for inspiration YOU have to create it.  Do the work and the inspiration will come.
I’d love to hear what keeps you inspired.

A little planning can give your day new meaning

This morning I wanted to lay in bed a little longer. I thought of how extra time in bed would impact the rest of my day, and guess what I did…I jumped right out of bed.

If I did not already have a plan for my day, I would have stayed in bed and missed the opportunity of a productive and fulfilling day. You will enjoy life more if you plan your days. By planning your days you can live that life you have been dreaming about. Schedule an hour on Saturday to learn a second language, visit the museum, take a class. Whatever it is, add it to your life and watch life take on a whole new meaning.

What’s something that you have wanted to do for a long time but you haven’t made time for it? Choose a day and time, add it to your calendar. Let me know you’ve added it to your calendar so that I can celebrate you.

Do Your Dreams Want You?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West appear on the April cover of Vogue magazine . Why do I care? Kim wanted to be a supermodel but is limited by her height and curves. Despite not having the facility of a traditional supermodel Kim did not lose sight of her love of fashion or her desire to be on the cover of Vogue magazine.

Kim on the cover of Vogue reminds me to think outside the box, to chase after what I want until what I want realizes that it wants me too. Never give up on your dream. Thank you Kim for a great life lesson.

What are you doing to make your dreams want you?

Clarity Brings Opportunity

Has this ever happened to you? A friend gets a new car, let’s say a Porsche Cayenne. You didn’t know what a Cayenne looked like until you saw your friend’s car. What happens next? You start noticing Cayenne’s several times a day. Why are these cars suddenly showing up? They’re not! They’ve always been there but, thanks to your friend, you have just become aware of them.

Taking the time to clarify what you want in life opens the door to opportunity. Once you know what you want your eyes open and you become aware of opportunities that have always been there but you never noticed them before.

What opportunities are you missing because you won’t take the time to get clear about what you want out of life?

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Simplicity


Have you noticed that when something is simple or readily available we tend to ignore it? Unfortunately, the very things we overlook are usually what we need most. What are you overlooking that could result in that big shift that you want in your life, your business, your career, or your relationships? Today I invite you to to take a simple step.

Share your simple step in the comment box below.

Check Up Time

I’m not Catholic but there’s something about Lent that makes me pause and assess where I am in my life. Reflection is good. It provides an opportunity to see what’s working, what’s not working, what never got started (argh!), and what can be improved on.

If things are awry it’s a good time to make a commitment to getting back on track. My big goal for 2014 was to be more consistent in my endeavours. For Lent I am making some personal sacrifices to make sure that my actions are consistent with what I need to do to accomplish my personal, spiritual, physical, financial, and social goals.

Assess where you are today in light of the aspirations you have for your life. What’s working or not working? What can you do to get back on track? Share what you’re doing so that I can cheer you on.

Time to Celebrate


Today celebrate your life.  There are many in the world, maybe even in your circle, who would love the life that you’re unhappy about.  Take a few moments and think of one thing that you can do differently today that would turn your frown upside down. Make it a great day!

I’d love for you to share what you’re smiling about today.

Is Fear Holding You Back?

When you think about your ideal life do you feel excited or do you feel afraid? If the thought of living a better life scares you it’s worth it to explore the origin of your fear.

There are many reasons why living a life that you really want may scare you.  Let’s identify some of them. 

1.  I’m afraid to live my dream life.
2.  I’m afraid to do what I need to do in order to have the life that I want.
3.  I’m afraid because I don’t deserve to have the life that I want.
4.  I’m afraid my family and friends will treat me differently if I live my dream life.
5. I’m afraid that I don’t want my dream life bad enough to go after it.

Whatever your fear, be honest with yourself and acknowledge it.  Once you acknowledge the fear something happens on the inside of you.  You are now in position to bring about change in your life.  Choose well.

I’d love for you to share in the comments the fear that you identified in your life.

Take the Plunge

Have you ever felt compelled to act on an opportunity or an idea but the timing just wasn’t the best? Maybe you were swamped at work, financially not able, or mentally drained.  Whatever the reason, you did not follow through because the timing was not right for you.

Living a life that you look forward to waking up to each day means that there will be times where you are going to have to act outside of your comfort zone.  You are going to have to take risks, even do things that seem to make no sense to those observing from the outside.  You are going to have to take the plunge.

Let me clarify something first though.  You’re not going to pursue every idea or go after every opportunity that comes your way.  You take the plunge when your intuition is telling you to take the plunge.  An idea that won’t go away, an opportunity that really resonates with you, feeling like “if I don’t do this I’m going to die” (not a physical death, death of your spirit, a shrivling of who you are).  These are the moments that you seize.  These are the moments that you have to act.  Something exciting awaits you in these moments.  It could be lessons you need to learn in order grow in business or character, financial gain, networking opportunities, bigger opportunities, even more opportunities.  You don’t want to miss out on these pivotal moments.  You can’t miss out on these moments.  A life that you look forward to waking up to each day awaits you.  Take the plunge today!

Are you willing to take the plunge? Let me know in the comment box below.