This Year Really is Going to be Different

“This year is going to be different. Really! I’m serious this time. This is going to be my year. I mean it this time.”  More than likely, you’ve probably said this a time or two. I know that I have. However, even though this may have been my mantra a time or two, I have noticed that the times where my year was different, it was because I took intentional steps to make it different. Surprisingly (although it should not have been), I found my steps wrapped up in the definition of one very provocative word, SUCCESS.

Success:“the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goals.”

Several things immediately got my attention after I read the definition of success.

  • Goals. If I’m going to have a successful year I need to define what a successful year looks like to me.
  • Favorable or prosperous. Success isn’t always about money.
  • Attempts. I can’t have success if I’m not “attempting” anything. So, if I want to have an amazing year I have to do something to make it happen.
  • Accomplishment. If I start it I should finish it.

For my year to be successful and amazing I am going to have to sit down and think about what I want as it relates to my personal life and my business (favorable or prosperous goals).  After I know what I want, I am going to have to do the work (attempts) necessary to have the life that I want for the year (accomplishment). That’s it, so simple right!


You do not have to wait for inspiration

I had a significant “aha” moment a few days ago.  I realized that I do not have to wait for inspiration. I can be inspired at any time by focusing on the things or activities that inspire me. It sounds so simple and obvious but the significance of it became so real to me at that particular moment. My life has literally changed for the better because of this revelation.
Let me tell you about me.  I wait for inspiration before doing a lot of things.  It’s frustrating because there are times when I want to create, but I am stumped because I rely so much on inspiration before I begin a project.  I would often beg and plead with God to “please let me stay inspired”.  I realize now that I should have asked how I can maintain the inspiration vs begging and pleading.  But that’s a story for another day.
Anyway, back to creating more moments of inspiration.  I can be inspired at any time by doing and thinking of things that inspire me. Whether it’s saying thanks for the goodness in my life,  going for a walk, sitting by the lake or ocean, listening to inspirational messages, reading motivating material, watching a movie, saying confessions or affirmations.  I can, on purpose, engage in activities that inspire me and guess what? Inspiration will come.
I can not tell you how excited I am about this.  Before I go I would be remiss if I did not reiterate that you play a role in this.  If you’re frustrated waiting for inspiration YOU have to create it.  Do the work and the inspiration will come.
I’d love to hear what keeps you inspired.

New year

I love this time of the year.  The dawn of a new year excites me.  I feel invigorated, refreshed, and ready for new things.  The end of the year is a great time to chart your course for the upcoming year.  Of course we can plan our life at any time we want to but there’s something about the New Year that get’s my creative juices flowing.  I feel like all things are possible.  What a great time to do like one of my favorite scriptures says,  “Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”  Habakkuk 2:2 (KJV)*

Here’s a strategy that you can follow to start your New Year off full of possibility:

Write the vision

The truth is that you can end up where you want to be without a plan but the journey will probably be shorter and less frustrating with a plan.

So, the first thing that you need to do is write your vision for your life.  What are your goals and aspirations for the next 5 yrs?  What’s on your “bucket list”?  Do you want to learn a new language? Launch a new business? Visit the Bahamas?  Write it all down.  When would you like to accomplish each item on your list?  In 1 yr, 3 mths, 5 yrs?  Write it down.

If words don’t inspire you use pictures, charts, or whatever inspires you.  Record your goals on paper, in a journal, use a fancy pen, use a regular $1 pen.  Tear pictures and cut out words from magazines, stick them on a poster board or on paper.  Make your charts and tables.  Get your vision down in a tangible form right away.  Use it to keep you on track.

Make it Plain

This sounds so simple doesn’t it?  The reality is we often make our plans but they’re so complicated or unrealistic that we can’t do anything with them.  When you write your vision, make it plain and realistic.  You can’t learn to speak and write Spanish in 3 months.  Set realistic goals for yourself so that you don’t give up before you even get started on your journey.

Run with it

You have it down on paper; you have your poster board up.  You didn’t do all that work for nothing.  It’s time to get running.  Choose a goal and run with it!

Be Inspired.  I’d love to hear from you.  Share your comments below.