5 Steps to a Happy Life Teleclass

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I Want Change in My Life but…

Wow, wow, wow!  Does the title of this post sound familiar? As you read this are you having a conversation with yourself about why right now is not a good time for you to change your life? Do you have so much going on in your life right now that you can’t possibly add one more thing? You want to change but…

I know this conversation very well.  It’s one I’ve had with myself many times.  There’s a quote that described me perfectly,  “You can’t wait for all the lights to turn green before you leave home.” This was me.  I wanted all the conditions to be right before I could start doing what was necessary to bring about the change that I wanted in my life. If this sounds like you, I want you to know how wrong I was, and how wrong you are too. Everything is not ever going to be perfect.  If you want to see change in your life you are going to have to start right where you are, amidst the chaos, the turmoil, the out of orderedness.

You see, the “but” represents the  excuses  that you make for not moving forward in your life.  Until you make the decision to remove the “buts”, you will never see the change that you want in your life. Remove the “buts”, make the decision, do something that will bring you closer to the change that you want to see in your life.

I’d like to hear what step you are going to take to bring about change in your life?

Change Your Life Part 3

Are you excited about the things that you have written down in the activities from Part 1 and Part 2? What did you experience when you saw on paper what is possible for you? Were you energized? Are you excited about bringing some of the items on your list to fruition? Maybe you had the opposite experience.  For some of you seeing that list of possibilities actually made you feel awful. Instead of focusing on what’s possible you focused on the likelihood of accomplishing your goals and became discouraged.  Whether the exercises left you energized or discouraged I’m excited for you!

I’m excited for you because you are in a very good position to make things happen.  You are poised for change and that’s an exciting place to be at anytime in life.

This next exercise that I want you to complete requires honesty on your part.  There are no judgments.  I want you to take a deep breath in, slowly exhale, do it again, deep breath in, slowly exhale.  I would like for you to be very honest with yourself and answer this question from the eyes of your present self.  Not the person you were in the past, not the person you aspire to be.  Answer this question as the person you are right now at this very moment.  “Are you ready to change your life?”

Wow! We’ll talk more about that tomorrow.  Until then please share any insights you have gained from the big question by posting a reply.

Change Your Life Part 2

Yesterday I challenged you to write out 100 goals for your life (Part 1).  I hope that you have started on your list and that you are excited about things to come.  Remember to dream big as you write your goals.

Step 2

Now that you have your list of 100 goals I want you to identify at least 15 of them that you want to accomplish this year.  Doing this will keep your goals in your subconscious mind.  You will find yourself thinking of your goals and how to accomplish them often.  You will also notice activities, items, or opportunities related to your goals showing up as you go about your everyday life.

One item that I have on my list for this year is to go on a yacht cruise. Guess what I saw while on facebook  yesterday?  A sponsored post  for a luxury yacht company.  Can you believe that? The same will happen for you once you get your goals and dreams from your mind to  paper.

Alright, you have your list of 100 goals and you’ve identified 15 that you want to accomplish for this year.  I hope you’re getting excited about what’s to come.  Check back on Monday for another life changing tip.

I would love for you to share in the comments below which goal you are most excited about for this year.

Be inspired!

Change Your Life Part 1

Ready or not 2014 is here. We’re 2 days in and if you weren’t ready it’s not too late to get ready.  Stick with me and I’ll help you map out a plan for your life that will have you excited about starting each day.

Let’s get started.  This first step is probably going to make you groan but that’s ok.  The things that bring us the most joy often include a time of pain (think childbirth or weight training).

Step 1
Write out 100 goals for your life. Include all the things that you would like to see manifested in your life.  This might include plans for travel, career, relationships, hobbies, purchases you want to make, health, finances, education. Dream big. 

My Pastors challenged me to do this and while it seemed impossible initially once I got started it was really easy and exciting.  Grab some paper and get started.  Check back tomorrow for another life changing tip.

If you accepted the challenge let me know by sharing a comment.

Be inspired!

The Winning Formula

If you’re anything like me, and hopefully you’re not.  You do not like following “formulas” that have lots of steps.  Seriously, does it really take all of that to achieve an outcome?  Let’s find out.

I rebelled at following the winning formula for decades.  Surely I can leave out a step or three, create my own formula that’s not as intensive.  There has to be an easier way.  This may have been my mantra for a while.

Here I was stepping into a new venture, a newbie.  I had my mentors, the people that I wanted to model.  The people  who were winning in their respective arenas.  But, I, a newbie, figured I could tweak their model and do things my way, the easier way, straight out the gate.

After many unsuccessful tries at doing things my way (yes, I really am that stubborn) I finally had the realization that people follow a formula because it works.   Yes, it really does take doing each and every step of the formula if you want to win, if you want to achieve your desired outcome. Successful people really are those who do what others do not want to do.

I’m following the models, step by step.  I’m learning to embrace the formula.  Instead of looking at it as a thorn in my flesh, the formula has become an asset.  My partner in my new ventures.  I have found the winning formula and I’m not letting it go.

Is there something that you’re embarking upon or are afraid of starting because the process seems too tedious.  I want to encourage you to give the formula a try.  One step at a time.  I know you won’t regret it.  I’d love to hear what you’re getting ready to start.

Be Inspired!

Do you know what you want?

One reason that you may be stuck is because you don’t know what you want.  We drift through life doing what we think is expected of us but never pause to consider what we want.  It’s time to get clear on what you really want your life to look like.  Watch Break Free part II and begin creating the life that you want.  http://youtu.be/-e2YzrJXlR4 

Be Inspired!

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Break free to the life you really want


Are you going though the motions of day to day life? Are you finding it harder to engage in your life? This video is for you. It’s time to break free from mediocre living and break free to the life that you want. Don’t wait another moment. Start “living” today!  Click on the link and watch the Break Free video  youtu.be/rjSXBjWpZx0

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What Tiger Woods Taught Me

Tiger Woods, won his 76th PGA event at Doral on Sunday 10 March, 2013.  I have followed Tiger’s career for a while from a distance (not a golf fan but admire the drive of winners) but will admit that I became even more interested in it since things took a turn for the worse in his personal life in 2009.  

I will tell you that I was rooting for Tiger to make a comeback because I could not believe the negative energy people spewed at him for his poor choices.  We all make mistakes. None of us is immune from making mistakes so why spew hate on someone when they fall.  I don’t want to discuss human behavior right now but just wanted to let you know why I have been rooting for Tiger.

Needless to say, it has not been an easy climb back to the top for Tiger.   Despite all that was going on in his life and career he did not give up.  Tiger was not winning.  It seemed like most were against him yet he continued to get out there and play golf.  He did not allow his losses or the naysayers to get him off track and lose sight of his goal.  Tiger knew that in order to reach his golfing goals he had to keep on playing golf no matter the outcome.  No matter how many losses, no matter how many times the reporters said that he may have lost “it” he continued to get out there and do what he purposed in his heart to do and guess what?  His perseverance is paying off.  Tiger is on his way to being the #1 golfer in the world again.  

Tiger Woods has taught me the importance of not giving up.